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Our Internet safety page aims to provide you with some basic information to ensure your child remains safe while using the internet. 

Internet Safety

A Personal Message from our previous Head Teacher: Mrs T Caputa

Dear Parents/Carers,

This is a subject that is very close to my heart, especially following the events that happened in our School in 2015.

During a police investigation and as a result of our own research we uncovered a whole range of issues that our children face.

It is so important that you face this as a family and openly discuss the subject with your children. Some of the recommendations are that primary children do not have access to Instagram or Facebook (age limit is 13 years old), that they do not have unsupervised free surfing of the internet without a parental control systems being used, webcams are disabled unless supervised, laptops are not left open (as the webcam can be operated remotely by a third party) and that parents monitor this effectively at the risk of making themselves really unpopular.

I have written a fuller report which is available to download below, but this gives you a flavour of the kind of thing we have dealt with in school:

*     Explicit images being shown around – obtained by photographing the home’s computer screen.

*     Xbox live bullying and threats made between individuals, older unconnected gamers joining in.

*     Children being blocked by each other or calling each other names.

*     Parents contacting their own children’s friends and involving themselves in on-going friendship issues.

*     Moshi-monster fall outs.

*     Older brothers and sisters getting involved in friendship fall-outs and making threats.

*     Pupils logging into each others’ accounts and posting inflammatory remarks or posing as them and using their phones to change information (known as fraping).

I’m sure there are many more instances that we are unaware of, but certainly the frequency of dealing with this in school is increasing. Most of these issues originate outside school. You may wish to have a discussion with your child about this.

There is a lot of guidance available to parents. I would recommend these websites:






Report on the dangers of being online