Wednesday 2 November 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am writing to you regarding a decision taken at the last meeting of Coddington’s Governing Body.
There have been a number of challenges facing the school over the last few years and the Governing Body has recently been considering the future of the school, including the partnerships we form with others in the local area to ensure that the school continues to offer the very best possible education.

This has included meeting with representatives of different Multi Academy Trusts (MATs), hearing how they work with their member schools.

I am pleased to let you know that, after our careful considerations, the Governing Body has resolved to explore converting the school to academy status and joining a MAT, with the Minster Trust for Education (MITRE) our preferred option. MITRE is a local Church of England MAT who we have been
working with since the start of the year and we have formed a successful partnership with them in that time. We therefore believe that building upon this relationship will support the school moving forwards.
Before the Governing Body applies for an academy order there will be a formal period of consultation with the local community, staff, families and children who attend the school. All submissions made during this consultation period will be considered before any further action is taken.

I will be writing to you soon with further details on the consultation period, including a meeting to which all members of the school community will be invited, how you can contribute to the consultation process, what academisation would mean for the school in the future and how you can access responses to ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ that arise through the consultation.

In the meantime, please be assured that we as a Governing Body will continue to work with you and the staff of the school to ensure Coddington is the best it can be.

Yours faithfully,

Sarah Evans
Chair of Governors


Letter to Parents/Carers

Initial academisation notification to parents/carers

Chair of Governors letter to open consultation

Frequently Asked Questions


The Coddington C of E Primary School Proposed Academy Conversion

Questions Raised by Parents and Carers

Theme of question



Structure of Multi-Academy Trust


What is the make-up of the trust in terms of primary and secondary schools?


The trust is currently made up from two Secondary Schools (Minster and the National) and five Primary Schools (Farnsfield, Halam, Lowes Wong Infants, Bleasby, Holy Trinity).



Would joining a MAT mean a change in governance structure and what would this look like?


The formation of the trust will be in line with both Church of England and Department for Education requirements, with a board of members, a board of trustees and Local Governing Bodies.

Schools forming or joining a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) become accountable to an over-arching governing board of trustees which sets the strategic direction for all schools in the group.

MATs are also required to have a group of members who sit above the board of trustees. The members have a hands-off but significant role. They monitor the performance of the trust and hold the trustees to account. They will intervene if the board is not performing by making changes at board level. In the Minster School MAT, each school has its own local governing body focused on the individual school in the same way as each governing body operates at present. The difference is that the governing body would be responsible to the Trust rather than to the Local Authority.




What happens if it all goes wrong? Who takes responsibility, and in what way do they do so?


Each school is inspected by Ofsted as a separate entity. If one school should have a poor Ofsted inspection, the MAT could draw support as required from the capacity which already exists within the Minster Teaching School Alliance.


Oversight of school improvement

Who can remove the governors or sack the head teacher?


The Trust




Does the admissions policy change?


No. Schools within the MAT would still be bound by the national admissions code and fair access, so admission to Coddington would remain by catchment as at present.


Staff terms and conditions


What happens to terms and conditions for staff?

Would the trust have different terms and conditions for members of staff joining the school after the trust has been formed?


If the Coddington Primary School converts to an Academy, all staff currently employed by Coddington will transfer to the new Academy on their current pay and conditions. This is done under TUPE law, which states that there can be no change to pay and conditions within three years. Although Academies have more freedom to amend pay and conditions, the Governing Body of Coddington School is supportive of current pay and conditions.

There are also no plans to change the nature of contracts offered to new employees in the future.



Who determines the pay of the head and senior staff?


The Trust. Please see above regarding pay and conditions



What is the view of the staff?


The views of staff were canvassed as a body and also through their professional organisations prior to the governors’ resolution to investigate academy status and continue to be heard. Staff and their professional organisations are fully involved in the consultation process.

Coddington School identity and ethos

Will Coddington still be a Church of England school with strong links to the Diocese of Southwell and All Saints Church?


Our status as a Church of England school would be unaffected. As Coddington School is a Church of England voluntary controlled school, the constitution of the trust must include a majority of church trustees, so the Christian ethos of the school will remain.



What changes will there be to the structure of the school?


In terms of the Coddington School’s ethos, values and character, nothing would change. We would not be looking to change our name, uniform or logo. Our school holiday patterns and school year would remain unaffected. For students and most staff, it is unlikely that there would be much, if any, change to daily routines


What is the view of the church?


The Church is aware and supportive of the governors’ wish to investigate academy status for Coddington School. As a Church of England Voluntary Controlled School governors require the consent of the Diocese in order to proceed with an application for academy conversion, so parents and carers can be reassured that any application by the Coddington School to convert to academy status will have the support of the church.