Raising money for ‘End Polio Now’!

The pupils at Coddington Primary have worked with the Long Bennington Rotary Club to raise funds to tackle Polio.

Long Bennington Rotary is part of Rotary International which has, with WHO, eradicated polio from all but two countries since the 1980’s. This year we are working with primary schools in the area to involve young people. The Coddington CofE Primary School has been an important part of our work. They have raised money to plant purple crocuses around their village as a symbol of those who have been vaccinated in Pakistan and Afghanistan whose fingers are painted purple to show they have been jabbed. Their response has been amazing and we hope that they will long remember their important part in ending polio throughout the world.

The Rotary Club has given the school 500 Crocus corms.  These will be planted in the school, the Community Centre and Church grounds.  In Spring the village will come alive with the beautiful purple flowers, that not only look beautiful but provide a lasting reminder of the ‘End Polio now!’ campaign.  We are proud to be part of this important campaign.  We want our pupils to contribute to the world in ways beyond their academic success.  Through this campaign, we are able to build on our values of cooperation and responsibility.